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Archive 1993

  • Bach, Jan M. An Internship Project/Paper. May 25, 1993. Advisor: Crocker, K.
  • Baker, Beth Ann. Computers: A Health Hazard?. August 20, 1993. Advisor: Field, M.
  • Braun, Heid. Effects of Downsizing on Middle Management. May, 1993. Advisor: Scheela, W.
  • Butcher, Amy. A Fifteen Year Retrospective Survey of Bemidji State University Alumni: Satisfaction with Current Occupation and Salary by Gender. Advisor: Weir, B.
  • Clementson, Kirsten. Cryopreservation in Frogs: Mechanisms and Applications. November 16, 1992. Advisor: Hazard, E.
  • Engelstad, Laura M. Images of Eternity: An Archetypal Reading of George MacDonald's "The Golden Key". January, 1993. Advisor: Anderson, D.
  • Gehl, Gretchen Jo. Gender Differences in Nonverbal Communication. May 20, 1993. Advisor: Lee, R.
  • Heeren, Tim. Network/Graph Program. May, 1993. Advisor: Richard, J.
  • Hilgendorf, Todd. The Effect of Monosodium Glutamate on the Proliferative Capability of Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes. November, 1993. Advisor: Lindgren, A.
  • Holmgren, Jodi. The Effects of Television on Children. July 25, 1993. Advisor: Alberti, C.
  • Kidd, Allen. The History of Japanese Rice Cultivation (MSU Akita). April, 1993. Advisor: Scriba, R.
  • McCarty, Sheila. Metacognitive Reading Strategies: Should We Be Teaching College Students How to Learn?. May 21, 1993. Advisor: Lee, R.
  • Neoh, Allen. Study and Evaluation of COBOL Structured Programming Standards and Guidelines in Industries and Academia. Spring, 1993. Advisor: Scheela, W.
  • Nordling, Brian. Relationship Between a TV News Anchor's Gender and Their Perceived Believability and Effectiveness. March 1, 1993. Advisor: Blackwood, R.
  • Solie, Jennifer L. Those People. Advisor: Weaver, W.
  • Strom, Lynn Marie. The Foreigner Situation in Germany. April 10, 1993. Advisor: Lee, A.
  • Sutlief, Patrick. The History of Native American Education. Advisor: Norman, D.
  • Swanson, Jeff. A Comparative Analysis of the Gratification Level Received by the Audience for In-Person Sports Events vs. TV Broadcast Sports. May, 1993. Advisor: Blackwood, R.
  • West, George. Theory of Equations Using New Technology. May 18, 1993. Advisor: Knoshaug, I.
  • Zweerink, April. Isolation of Primary Embryonic Fibroblasts from C57BL and C3H/i.e., Inbred Mice and Verification of Strain Difference in Radio-sensitivity. Spring, 1993. Advisor: Lindgren, A.