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Archive 1995

  • Applegate, Cheryl. The Merger of the Democratic and Farmer-Labor Parties: An African American Perspective. April, 1995. Advisor: Schnabel, G.
  • Bade, Susan. Teacher Handbook for Parent Involvement. March 2, 1995. Advisor: Alberti,C.
  • Brovold, Ryan. NASAticians, An Invesitgative Research Into the Politics of the American Space Agency. May 25, 1995. Advisor: Annexstad, J.
  • Chap, Lori. The Effects of Prejudice and Should-Would Discrepancies on Interaction Time. November, 1995. Advisor: Bennett, R.
  • Crawford, James. The Effects of Television Exposure of Collegiate Sporting Upon the Recruitment of College Athletes. March 16, 1995, Advisor: Roy Blackwood.
  • Deeb, Jennifer. C3H-BT1 Transformation is Not Due to a Complete Lack of p53 mRNA. May 24, 1995. Advisor: Lindgren, A.
  • Gehrke, Mark. Good and Bad Cholesterol - A Redefinition. May 16, 1995. Advisor: Boates, T.
  • Hardy, Darrell. Mindshift, The Psychic Roleplaying Game. May, 1995. Advisor: Lund, D.
  • Hovet, JoAnn. Edgar and the Missing Egg (children's book and art). July, 1995. Advisor: Alberti, C.
  • Knutson, Deanna M. Notation in Mathematics. May, 1995. Advisor: Knoshaug, B.
  • Levandowski, Brian. A Synopsis of the Proposed Environmental, Genetic, and Immunological Mechanisms Associated with the Etiology of Type-1 Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus. May 24, 1995. Advisor: Guilfoile, P.
  • Luke, Amy. Emotional Disturbances. March 30, 1995. Advisor: Alexander, K.
  • Maroney, Robert Q. Analysis of Biodebris from Paleocene of North Dakota: Wannagan Creek Quarry. September, 1995. Advisor: Melchior, R.
  • Monasmith, Stacey Lee. Literature Based Instruction: An Alternative Approach to Teaching Reading. June 28, 1995. Advisor: Sakrison, D.
  • Sellon, Dustin. A Motion Control System with Optical Feedback. May 22, 1995. Advisor: Lindgren, G.
  • Schmidt, Tamara J. Women in Mathematics. March 1, 1995. Advisor: Knoshaug, I.
  • Schunk, Don. von Neumann-Morgenstern Utility Theory. September, 1995. Advisor: Johnson, L.
  • Steinbrink, Mindi. Metaphorical Dream Analysis: Dream Bnterview Method. October 20, 1995. Advisor: Jackson, L.
  • Strandberg, Jenell. Ethics in Accounting. July, 1995. Advisor: Nielsen, C.
  • Vig, Jean Ellen. Multi County Resource Directory. March 22, 1995. Advisor: Blessing, J.