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Archive 1996

  • Bard, Stephanie. And Justice for Women; the Portrayal of Women in the American Justice System in Film. Advisor: Scrivner.
  • Bright, Lalonnie. Literature Theme Unit. March 9, 1996. Advisor: Sakrison, D.
  • Brooks, Devlyn. Coverage of Environmental Issues by Weekly Minnesota Newspapers. Spring quarter 1996. Advisor: Blackwood, R.
  • Burkhart, Sarah. General Aspects of Lyme Disease. May 6, 1996. Advisor: Guilfoile, Patrick.
  • Culshaw, Kathryn. Project: Rooted in the Spirit, Liturgical Art, Color Theory and Symbolism: Two Permanent Cloth Banner Installations for the east and west walls of the Catholic Newman Center Chapel at BSU. May 16, 1996. Advisor: Crocker, K.
  • Dahl, Jason. The Study of Interplanetary Dust: A Review. Summer 1996. Advisor: John Annexstad.
  • Dies, David T. Invisible Cities: String Quartet based on the book, Le Citta Invisibili by Italo Calvino. March 25 ,1996, Advisor: Riley, P.
  • Franck, Matthew. A More Efficient Planet: A Visual Exploration., May 13, 1996. Advisor: Kaul, M.
  • Heaston, Donna. The Effect of Animals in Television Commercials On Viewer Recall of Product and Brand Name. May13, 1996. Advisors: Field, M. & Blackwood, R.
  • Holt, Margaret. Design, Implementation, and Monitoring of a Landscape Plan for a Stormwater Retention Pond in Bemidji, Minnesota. April 1996. Advisor: Fu-Hsian Chang.
  • Kalis, Joalle. The Effect of Nutrition Education on the Diets of Collegiate Track and Field Athletes. May 5, 1996. Advisor: Gilman, M.
  • Karim, Syed Nurul. FunDraw (software program). March 26, 1996. Advisor: Knoshaug, I.
  • Koenen, Chad. Conic Sections (software program). May, 1996. Advisor: Knoshaug, I.
  • Larson, Ginetta. The War Gods of Norse Mythology. March 2 1, 1996. Advisor: Evans, Deanna.
  • Lehrke, Tracy (Johnson). Manipulative-based Mathematics. November 1996. Advisor: Carol Reesink.
  • Lindberg, Paige. How Students Perceive Their Language Learning: Does Enjoyment Directly Lead to Effectiveness? April 24, 1996. Advisor: Erickson, N.
  • Marshall, Pam. Cabri Geometry. May 6, 1996. Advisor: I. Knoshaug.
  • McCuaig, Innes. Comparison Advertising in the Automobile Market. February 16, 1996. Advisor: Blackwood, R.
  • Morken, Krista. American Credit Herstory: From Constitutional Exclusion to the ECOA. July 1996. Advisor: Cannon, K.
  • O'Neill, Toby L. Confirmation-Bias Effects in Education Students' Perceptions of Children Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders. January 1996. Advisor: Bennett, Russell.
  • Weires, Amy. Physicians, Women and the Glass Ceiling. November 1996. Advisor: Bill Scheela.