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Archive 1997

  • Bailey, Sarah. Apercus Culturels: A Beginner's Guide to French Culture. May16, 1997. Advisor: Schlifer.
  • Beattie, Daniel. NEA and the Fight with the Right, The. May 1997. Advisor: Kyle Crocker.
  • Boesen, Stacy. Advertisement Recall: Are Recall and Similar Personality Profiles Related? March 11, 1997. Advisor: Gerald Schnabel.
  • Bowers, Amy (Loeks). Value Education in the U.S. May 22, 1997. Advisor: K. Alexander.
  • Brandt, Lisa. Frankenstein and Technology. February 17, 1997. Advisor: Steven Gurney.
  • Brooks, Brian. Social Influence Versus Schema Activation--Two Competing Explanations for the Effects of Outgroup Slurs. May 22, 1997. Advisor: Bennett, R.
  • Brooks, Mary. Remembering Caroline. July 12, 1997. Advisor: Marly Kaul.
  • Carter, Marnie. Volume-Based Pricing Systems for Garbage Collection and Effects on Recycling Programs. May 12, 1997. Advisor: Scheela, W.
  • Gaertner, Nicole. Searching for Balance: A Quick Reference for a Prospective Deaf Educator. May 22, 1997. Advisor: Charles Alberti.
  • Jacobson, Ronald. Business Ethics. April 29, 1996. Advisor: Madalyn Wick.
  • Johnson, Lori, A. Teacher's Quick Reference to Child Abuse. February25 ,1997. Advisor: Charles Alberti.
  • Kreutzberg, Therese. Dermacentor variabilis ticks from Beltrami County, MN contained Babesia microti, based on PCR analysis, published in Journal of Student Research,Volume 17. 1997. Advisor: Patrick Guilfoile.
  • Lee, JaNelle. Parent Involvement in a Child's Education. December 17, 1997. Advisor: Alberti, C.
  • Litke, Steven. Number Systems and Number Bases. May 15, 1997. Advisor: Knoshaug, I.
  • Maus, Randall. Quick Reference-Computing Presentations. May 13, 1997. Advisor: Sue Rosselet.
  • Midboe, Jarrod. Microwave Oven Calibration for use in Histological Fixation of Animal Tissues. May 28, 1997. Advisor: Openshaw, C.
  • Misner, Dawn. Women in China: Changes since the Communist Revolution. August 1997. Advisor: Mary Hrenchir.
  • Myllykangas, Karen. Director and Playwright: Crossing the Line. March 11, 1997. Advisor: Scriba, R.
  • Nathe, Merilee. The 1963 March on Washington: Passive Resistance in the Civil Rights Movement. May 14, 1997. Advisor: Nancy Michael.
  • Neoh, Aileen Beng Ching. Consumer Behavior in Singapore. March 13, 1997. Advisor: Rod Henry.
  • Nigbor, Joanne. For Students Between the Ages of 10 and 18, Is There a Correlation Between Musical Taste and Success in Learning?. May 22, 1997. Advisor: Patrick Riley.
  • Olson, Greta. Alcholism: The Individual, The Family, and The Children When They Leave the Home. February 24, 1997. Advisor: Lamae Hawk.
  • Schultz, Stephanie. The Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Decmeber 12, 1997. Advisor: Patrick Guilfoile.
  • Shuster, Jeff. The Apple Pie Ala-Mode Monster . February 26, 1997. Advisor: Charles Alberti.
  • Thompson, Nicole. Case Study of the New Product Development Process. Arctco, Inc. March 13, 1997. Advisor: Bill Scheela.