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Archive 1999

  • Avery, Valerie. A Glimpse into the World of Complementary Therapies Available for the Treatment of HIV/AIDS. May 1999. Advisor: Gilman, M.
  • Beeck, Kyle B. Landroller Model. April 24, 1999. Advisor: Yerbich, Vince.
  • Bratlien, Diana. A Resource Manual for Parents and Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. May 1999. Advisor: Alberti, C.
  • Bromenshenkel, Tara. Waste Management Study of the Bois Forte Reservation. June 24, 1999. Advisor: Steffy, David.
  • Cook, Robin. Faculty Attitudes to Student Athletes. November 15, 1999. Advisor: Bennett, R.
  • Dalzell, Angela. Using Journals in the Elementary Classroom. Advisor: Alberti, Charles.
  • Darchuk, Andrew. The Effects of Perceptual Augmentation of Stimuli on False Recognition in a List Learning Program. May 5, 1999. Advisor: Rafferty, James.
  • Erickson, Elizabeth. Local Television News-Content Analysis of a Small to Medium Sized Market. December 8, 1999. Advisor: Donovan, B.
  • Gearhart, Connie. The Music of Poetry-La Musique & Harmonie Du Soir (Sr. Flute Recital). May 5, 1999. Advisor: Riley, Pat.
  • Gonzalez, Abdon. Biology Dept. CD-ROM. September 22, 1999. Advisor: Witt, Rod.
  • Jensen, Linnea. A Synopsis of Schleroderma. April 28, 1999. Advisor: Rave, Elizabeth.
  • Johnson, Anne Marie. Method Development for Polychlorinated Biphenyl Testing. May, 1999. Advisor: Spigarell, S.
  • Joppru, Rodney. Evaluating a Rape Prevention Program: Group Size and Gender Composition Effects. May 1999. Advisor: Hook, Richard.
  • Karger, Marnie. Tutoring vs. Teaching: a reflective report. May 1999. Advisor: Morgan, Mike.
  • Keskitalo, Joyell. Comparison and Contrast of the Income Tax Systems for Individuals in the United States and Mexico. May 12, 1999. Advisor: Bland, Sandra.
  • Lerfald, Jennifer. Marital Satisfaction, Religiosity, and General Agreement. May 5, 1999. Advisor: Hook, Richard.
  • Marshik, AmyJo. College Internships. May 1999. Advisor: Gardner, George.
  • Mattison, Lori. Classification Schools, their Ideologies and Methods. May 5, 1999. Advisor: Rave, Elizabeth.
  • Messing, Jennifer. Perspectives- Ojibwe Students and Benedictine Sisters of Northern Minnesota Catholic Mission Schools. May 1999. Advisor: Nyholm, E.
  • Otto, Sara. Bemidji State University Internet Usage. April 21, 1999. Advisor: Huntzicker, B.
  • Pesavento, Paul. Ab initio Computational Chemistry of Oxygen Atom Reaction with Carbonothioicdifluoride. May 1999. Advisor: Kalyanaraman, R.
  • Pierson, Chad. Ecophys Root Model Visualization, The Initiation of a Virtual Sampling Technique. September 14, 1999. Advisor: Spigarelli, S.
  • Saurdiff, Ben. Design Basics. January 1, 1999. Advisor: Sundahl, S.
  • Senior Molly. A Teacher's Guide to Hosquin, a Very Old Lenape Tale. May 11, 1999. Advisor: Alberti, C.
  • Slagle, Wendy. Year 2000 Date Conversion: The Race for Compliance. April 28, 1999. Advisor: Phukan, Sanjeev.
  • Vene, Melissa. A Literary Autobiography. Advisor: Christensen, M.
  • Westrom, Torrey. Mainstreaming in the Education System. Advisor: Donnay, P.