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Archive 2000

  • Benz, Jenny. Community Policing is Effective. May 3, 2000. Advisor: Bradel, D.
  • Bialk, Heidi. An Automated Sampler for the Measurement of Nonmethan Organic Compounds. April 2000. Advisor: Chang, Dr. Fu-Hsian.
  • Cedergren, Mike. Tales from the Marfan Man: The Sound of Silence and Beyond. January 2000. Advisor: Michael, Nancy.
  • Chrysler, Philip and William Cory. Starfire Utilities. May 2000. Advisor: Rosselet, S.
  • Cory, William, and Philip Chrysler. Starfire Utilities. May 2000. Advisor: Rosselet, S.
  • Coughlan, Gina. Lewis Carroll's Alice 's Adventures in Wonderland: A Child's Struggle with Self-Idntity and Control. May 10, 2000. Advisor: Gurney, S.
  • Frach, Heather. The Effects of Synthetic Human Pheromones on Appraisals of Friendliness, Successfulness, Intelligence, Confidence, and Competence. May 10, 2000. Advisor: Desiderato, L.
  • Gronli, Chris. The Minnesota Budget Surplus. February 28, 2000. Advisor: Bland, S.
  • Hasz, Scott. Establishing an Internet Identity-A Personal Web Site Manual. May 2000. Advisor: Hanus, B.
  • Haugen, Brian. Does the tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus have an Immunoglobin G Binding Protein? May 1, 2000. Advisor: Guilfoile, P.
  • Krueger, Marisa. Managing Diversity for the Next Millenium April 26, 2000. Advisor: Phukan, S.
  • Mayfield, Brian. The Trials and Growth Cycles of a Small Business. May 3, 2000. Advisor: Brauer, W.
  • Mitzner, Talia. Legal Issues in Accounting. February 3, 2000. Advisor: Culbertson, H.
  • Polzine, Leah. Home Schooling. February 16, 2000. Advisor: Oldham, R.
  • Ulrich, Elizabeth. Maple Leaf Storage (a complete identity system for a start-up company). March 2000. Advisor: Heriot, S.
  • Wells, Crystal. Bemidji Volunteer Center (Web Site for Volunteerism). May 11, 2000. Advisor: Rosselet, S.
  • Wulfekuhler, Heidrun. Sartre's Account of Human Emotions. April 26, 2000. Advisor: Christensen, Kit.