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Archive 2001

  • Carlson, Amanda. A Historical Perspective of Auditor Independence. December 7, 2001. Advisor: Aubert, Joseph.
  • Caroline, Brian. Santa (A novel). May 1, 2001. Advisor: Hauser, Susan.
  • Ehalt, Nicolas. Medlink. May 2, 2001. Advisor: Schmit, Mark.
  • Goyal, Aneesh. Ethics of Euthanasia - A Cross-Cultural Perspective. May 2001. Advisor: Christensen, Kit.
  • Jurgens, Stacy. A Coin Flipping Game with Non-Transitive Odds. March 6, 2001. Advisor: Edwards, Stephanie.
  • Kroshus, Pamela. Paired Reading: A Review of Methods and Research. May 17, 2001. Advisor: Hook, Richard.
  • Norton, Elizabeth. Women in Church Leadership. May 7, 2001. Advisor: Jackson, Louise.
  • Probst, Luke. Antarctica: The Search for a Meteorite Concentration Mechanism in the Allan Hills Icefield. May 10, 2001. Advisor: Annexstad, John.
  • Rudlang, Jody. Competitive Analysis of the Asian Wireless Handset Market. April 30, 2001. Advisor: Totten, Jeff.
  • Sette, Brad. The Age of DVD. December 13, 2001. Advisor: Hanus, Barbara.
  • Souders, Elise. Environmental Planning - the Ideal vs the Reality: An In-depth Look at the Environmental Planning Methods of Bemidji and Rosemount Compared to the Ideal. April 2, 2001. Advisor: Welle, Patrick.