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Archive 2002

  • Anderson, Robert. Creative Writing Project - Artist's Statement. May 13, 2002. Advisor: Hauser, Susan.
  • Beere-Kuklinski, Reina Moriah. Divorce: A Teacher's Perspective on How It Affects Primary Age Children and Their Behavior in an Elementary School Setting. November 4, 2002. Advisor: Carlson, Margaret.
  • Brogle, Angela. Parents' Homophobia and Childrearing Gender Role Beliefs: Correlates in a Local Population. July 12, 2002. Advisor: Jackson, Louise.
  • Bromenshenkel, Amber. Construction of RhaS and RhaR Overexpression Plasmids and the Effects of CRP Mutants on E.coli L-rhamnose Gene Expression. May 10, 2002. Advisor: Lindgren, Alice
  • Busboom, Angela. Robertson Davies: Narrative Structure and the Search for a Canadian Identity. May 2002. Advisor: Weaver, Rosalie.
  • Clark, Aurora. Short Science-fiction/Fantasy Stories. April 30, 2002. Advisor: Hauser, Susan.
  • Daigle, Melissa. Creative Writing Project. May 9, 2002. Advisor: Schlempler, CarolAnn.
  • Dooley, Deborah. Exhibit Design. April 16, 2002. Advisor: Hoffman, Elaine.
  • Falgier, Emily. Journaling in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom. January 17, 2002. Advisor: Livingston, Colleen.
  • Fitzsimmons, James. Self-Sufficiency, Ecological Stress and Rural Poverty in Kibwezi Division, East Kenya. December 18, 2002. Advisor: Lawrence, Mark.
  • Harris, Tajie. Comparison of TNF-a Levels Produced by Macrophages Treated with Brucella abortus and Escherichia coli LPS. April 25, 2002. Advisor: Guilfoile, Patrick.
  • Johnson, Jessica. Teaching Gifted Students With Learning Disabilities in the Regular Classroom. December 16, 2002. Advisor: Oldham, Ronald.
  • Lentz, Nicholas. Analysis of Fuel Additives and Impurities in Gasoline. May 2, 2002. Advisor: Dreyer, Dale.
  • Main, Kelly. The Abundance and Occurrence of Parasites in Age Classes of Yellow Perch Applied to a Whittaker Curve. May 14, 2002. Advisor: Cloutman, Donald.
  • Maki, Deanna. Do Broken Homes Have an Effect on Delinquency? November 5, 2002. Advisor: Martin, Jeff.
  • Marshik, Deanna. Affects of Organic Fertilizers on the Growth and Biomass Production of Agricultural Crops. November 8, 2002. Advisor: Chang, Fu-Hsian.
  • Meyer, Melissa. Design Technology: Logo Creation for a Small Business. March 25, 2002. Advisor: Sundahl, Steve.
  • Nevalainen, Lauri. A Historical Perspective of Limits. June 26, 2002. Advisor: Knoshaug, Clayton.
  • Olsen, Tyler. "Commedia Dell'Arte" - an Italian Theatre Style that Combines Mask Technique and Spontaneous Improvisation. May 3, 2002. Advisor: Robinson, Kay.
  • Schauer, Rebecca. The Pen May Be Mightier Than the Sword...But What About a Laser Weapons System? May 6, 2002. Advisor: Dahl, Jason.
  • Vukad, Kelly. Establishing and Maintaining a Buyer/Supplier Relationship within the Product Development Industry for Model Making and Prototyping. May 17, 2002. Advisor: Peck, Wally.
  • Wahl, Shane. Sarte & Marxism: Bridging the Gap with Mediation of the "Third." May 6, 2002. Advisor: Christensen, Kit.
  • Walz, Candi. Election 2000: How Entertainment Media Affected Youth Political Votes. May 9, 2002. Advisor: Donnay, Patrick.