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Archive 2003

  • Anderson, Jessica. Medicine for the Mind: The Ultimate Prescription for a Trouble-Free College Transition. March 27, 2003. Advisor: Christensen, Mark.
  • Arneson, Justin. Changes in False Memories Over Time. May 5, 2003. Advisor: Rafferty, James.
  • Damlo, Cassandra. Mother-Child Attachment and Its Affect on Pre-School Peer Relationships. May 8, 2003. Advisor: Hook, Richard.
  • Diesem, Ryan. Professional Wrestling: From Sport to Sports Entertainment. October 16, 2003. Advisor, Christensen, Mark.
  • Foust, Jessica. ADD & ADHD: What Educators and Parents Should Know. April 30, 2003. Advisor: McCartney, Catherine.
  • Freeman, Eveily. The Impacts of Migration on Establishment of Social Capital and Environmental Degradation in Kibwezi, Kenya. May 14, 2003. Advisor: Lawrence, Mark.
  • Gardner, Virginia. Assessing Left-Handedness with Exact and Approximate Confidence Intervals Appropriate for Samples of Different Sizes. May 2, 2003. Advisor: Webb, Derek.
  • Grosz, Stephen. The Evangelical Movement in Ecuador. March 18, 2003. Advisor: Fultz, Dwight.
  • Henderson, Jeffrey. The Quality Problem Solving Method and Its Effectiveness at Nortech, Inc. February 28, 2003. Advisor: Hoffman, Elaine.
  • Hollatz, Amanda. School Social Work in School District 31. February 28, 2003. Advisor: Reitmeier, Mary Ann.
  • Kelly, Kari. "Malinche" an Original Musical Drama (with John Persell). May 14, 2003. Advisor: Robinson, Kay.
  • Lake, Shauna. A Study of Bemidji State University Traditions: Past, Present and Emerging. May 13, 2003. Advisor: Dunn, Elizabeth.
  • Mayer, Jennifer. An Examination of Factors Related to Women's Perceptions of Female Celebrities: Body Satisfaction, Awareness and Internalization of Thinness Standards and Maternal Influence. May 15, 2003. Advisor: Desiderato, Laurie.
  • Mueller, Ellen. "Such Nonsense": Performance Art Parody. March 28, 2003. Advisor: Robinson, Kay.
  • Persell, John. "Malinche" an Original Musical Drama (with Kari Kelly). May 14, 2003. Advisor: Riley, Patrick.
  • Prudhomme, Peggy. College Student Media Consumption and Voting Habits. May 12, 2003. Advisor: Mengelkoch, Louise.
  • Roley, Sarah. The Distribution of Macroinvertebrates in the Schoolcraft/Mississippi River-Lake System. April 17, 2003. Advisor: Guelda, Debbie
  • Roslee, Kathryn. A Critical Analysis of Ballade for Trombone, Harp and Strings. December 12, 2003. Advisor: Riley, Patrick.
  • Saltmarsh, Adam. Exploring Brain-based Learning as a Basis for Developing Technology Education Curriculum. July 2, 2003. Advisor: Hoffman, Elaine.
  • Varien, Nicholas. Service Learning: Information, Examples and Advantages. February 8, 2003. Advisor: Brauer, William.
  • Voss, Nathan. Social Security Reform. May 9, 2003. Advisor: Gendreau, Richard.
  • Whitemore, Laura. "A Bird of Strange Moods" - works by Laura Whitemore. May 5, 2003. Advisor: Schlemper, CarolAnn.
  • Wilson, Kathy. To Be a Soldier: Native Americans from Minnesota and Wisconsin Participate in the Civil War. September 2, 2003. Advisor: Murphy, J. Thomas.
  • Ziegler, Nathan. Educational Decision-Making, Gender and the Question of Sustainable Development in Rural Kenya. February 14, 2003. Advisor: Lawrence, Mark.
  • Zimmermann, Sarah. Mathematical Card Tricks. May 6, 2003. Advisor: Knoshaug, Clayton.
  • Zupon, Molly. "Madame Mandze Goes to Niall" a one act play. May 14, 2003. Advisor: Robinson, Kay.