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Archive 2004

  • Ayres, Amber. Ritalin Use in Elementary School Children. May 11, 2004. Advisor: Lee, Russell.
  • Ballard, Neda. Copyright Law and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Application to Bemidji State University. December 6, 2004. Advisor: Wood, Kari.
  • Carstens, Ann. Teaching Our Teachers: Practical Suggestions to Improve the Quality of Learning in Bemidji State University's Department of Professional Education. August 9, 2004. Advisor: Christensen, Mark.
  • Drayna, Bradley. Vehicular Police Pursuits. May 6, 2004. Advisor: Bradel, Don.
  • Godwin, Bradley. BEC Metering Department: New System Proposal. May 7, 2004. Advisor: Wood, Kari.
  • Helmrichs, Nicole. Caenorhabditis elegans: A Look at Koch's Postulates and Host-Pathogen Interactions. May 10, 2004. Advisor: Guilfoile, Pat.
  • Jergens, Brent. Non-Traditional Medicine: Methods and Popularity in Minnesota. May 6, 2004. Advisor: Traxler, Ken.
  • Luetgers, Andrew. Unique Forms: Zen and Taoist Influenced Landscape Photography. May 10, 2004. Advisor: Crocker, Kyle.
  • Mack, Joseph. Full-Cost Pricing: An Approach to Internalize the Full-Cost of a Gallon of Unleaded Gasoline in the U.S. and the Feasibility of Markets Sustaining This Result. May 6, 2004. Advisor: Kivi, Paul.
  • Misco, Elizabeth. The New Economy and Its Implications to Investors. May 6, 2004. Advisor: Phukan, Sanjeev.
  • Mullranin, Emily. Coming to Your Senses: The Use of Sensory Appeals in Magazine Advertising. May 11, 2004. Advisor: Boudry, Valica.
  • Murray, Shannon. Cunt: A Revolutionary Act of Feminist Art. August 12, 2004. Advisor: Riley, Patrick.
  • Schmeling, Kristi. Beltrami County Historical Society Table Top Display: A Look at the System of Design. May 13, 2004. Advisor: Hanus, Barbara.
  • Thorman, Christine. Survey of Anuran Populations within Minnesota. May 11, 2004. Advisor: Fulton, Mark.
  • Truax, Molly. PCR and 16s rDNA Sequencing for Identifying and Comparing Gram-negative Bacteria. May 10, 2004. Advisor: Guilfoile, Pat.
  • Walsh, Carly. A Survey of Educational Systems Development Methodologies. May 12, 2004. Advisor: Leif, Doug.