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Archive 2005

  • Barrett, Kathleen. Pheromone Effects on Canine Stress Behavior. December 20, 2005. Advisor: Cloutman, Donald.
  • Beach, Krista. The Effect of Rooibos Tea (Aspalathus Linearis) on the Survival and Transformation of C3H-BT1 Mouse Fibroblasts. December 5, 2005. Advisor: Lindgren, Alice.
  • Becker, Christian. The German and American Educational Systems Compared (1985-2004). April 20, 2005. Advisor: Michael, Nancy.
  • Brink, Justin. Alternative Assay Techniques for Protein Kinase A. May 9, 2005. Advisor: Traxler, Kenneth.
  • Bromenshenkel, Lindsey. Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinates. May 11, 2005. Advisor: Knoshaug, Clayton.
  • Engman, Kristine. Relationship Between Personality Type and Position Played For An NCAA Division II Women's Volleyball Team: A Case Study. January 14, 2005. Advisor: Kippenhan, B. Christina.
  • Evens, Amanda. MTV: Sounds of a Generation. May 2, 2005. Advisor: Smith, David.
  • Finnvik, Jennifer. Interactive Advertising vs. Traditional Print Mediums. April 26, 2005. Advisor: Christensen, Mark.
  • Gronquist, Julie. Explaining Variation in State Implementation of No Child Left Behind. May 6, 2005. Advisor: Donnay, Pat.
  • Hager, Kristi. Fantasy Writing: Theory and Practice. May 5, 2005. Advisor: Weaver, Rose.
  • House, Karyn. Political Impetus and Moral Imperative: the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. March 2, 2005. Advisor: Alberti, Charles.
  • Johnson, Erin. Famous Infidelity: Geoffrey Chaucer's Criseyde and Robert Henryson's Cresseid. December 20, 2005. Advisor: Evans, Deanna.
  • Kingsley, Jessica. The Effect of Changing Environmental Stimuli on Betta Splendens Behavior. Advisor: Guelda, Debbie.
  • Roiko, Adam. Species Composition and Visitation Frequency of Birds and Mammals at a Bait Station in Northern Minnesota. April 19, 2005. Advisor: Rave, Elizabeth.
  • Smith, Kristin. The Beast Within the Beauty: The Political Function of Architecture. May 6, 2005. Advisor: Crocker, Kyle.
  • Soderberg, Lisa. Analysis of the Function of Songs and Poetry in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. May 11, 2005. Advisor: Evans, Deanna.
  • Storrar, Emily. A Look at the Astrolabe. May 3, 2005. Advisor: Knoshaug, Ivy.
  • Swanson, B. Kamran. Freeing Freedom From Illusion. April 12, 2005. Advisor: Christensen, Kit.