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Archive 2006

  • Barrett, Thomas. Stage Design for a Theater of Ideas: Staging the Visual World of Naomi Wallace. May 10, 2006. Advisor: Robinson, Kay.
  • Borgstrom, Lucas. The Effects of Nitrate Levels on the Response of Pimephales promelas to Conspecific Chemical Alarm Cues. May 9, 2006. Advisor: Cloutman, Donald.
  • Christenson, Amy. Math Anxiety: What It Is and How It Can Be Prevented by Elementary Classroom Teachers. May 4, 2006. Advisor: Fruenholtz, Todd.
  • Fett, Cassondra. Wallpaper Groups. January 23, 2006. Advisor: Lund, Eric.
  • Heisserer, Kassandra. Shattered Wholeness. June 2, 2006. Advisor: Christensen, Mark.
  • Jedlicka, Katherine. Matrices and the Game of Chutes and Ladders. March 8, 2006. Advisor: Lund, Eric.
  • Kingery, Muriel. Mud Lakers: A Collection of Stories. October 6, 2006. Advisor: Hauser, Susan.
  • Klietz, Kara. The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Education. May 4, 2006. Advisor: Sonsteng, Kathleen.
  • Lekatz, Leslie. Cloning and Overexpression of Imp/OstA, an Essential Escherichia coli Outer Membrane Protein with a Possible Role in Lipid Transport. May 9, 2006. Advisor: Guilfoile, Patrick.
  • Meadows, Zachary. Oligarchy in Farmland? Application of Community Power Theory to a Rural Setting. May 5, 2006. Advisor: Donnay, Patrick.
  • Parrish, Alex. There's No "I" in Team: Individualism, Private Property, and Propriety in Cicero's De Officiis. April 4, 2006. Advisor: McManus, Brendan.
  • Schaum, Jessica. Who Participates in Today's Environmental Movement? Not the Rich or the Educated. May 5, 2006. Advisor: Donnay, Patrick.
  • Stoltenburg, Timothy. Windmill Documentary. December 19, 2006. Advisor: Hoffman, Elaine.