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Archive 2007

  • Becker, Lisa. Restoration of Urban Lakes in Minnesota. April 24, 2007. Advisor: Chang, Fu-Hsian.
  • Brown, Grant. Phobias: The Evolutionary Trend. April 17, 2007. Advisor: Driscoll, Marsha.
  • Gingery, Jessica. Methamphetamine: The New Epidemic. April 10, 2007. Advisor: Byers, Cheryl.
  • Griffith, Erica. Fifteen to Twenty-Five Year Olds' Civic, Electoral, and Political Behavior...or the Lack Thereof. April 25, 2007. Advisor: Donnay, Pat.
  • Haagenson, Tessa. The Valuation of Nature: An Examination of Benefits and Costs Associated with Duck Nesting Structures and the Marginal Duck Recruit. May 3, 2007. Advisor: Welle, Pat.
  • Hodgson, Jessica. The Individual Resisting the Collective through Faith, Hope and Love. April 24, 2007. Advisor: Weaver, Rose.
  • Hofer, Charles. Student Scholarship & Creative Achievement Conference Software. April 25, 2007. Advisor: Wolf, Marty.
  • Kistner, Matthew. Listening to Jupiter from 48ºN. April 24, 2007. Advisor: Johnson, Stevens.
  • Lies, Deidra. The Framework and an Example Enactment of the Ecological Risk Assessment Process. December 18, 2007. Advisor: Chang, Fu-Hsian.
  • Lundborg, Britta. Redesigning a Business Identity. December 12, 2007. Advisor: Schmit, Mark.
  • Martin, Rachelle. The Process of Redesigning an Existing Structure in an Environment. December 13, 2007. Advisor: Schmit, Mark.
  • Parsons, Sam. Reed-Solomon Codes: Construction & Decoding. December 6, 2007. Advisor: Hutchinson, Ryan.
  • Vold, Amber. Processing Peace: Art Therapy for a Grieving Artist. April 10, 2007. Advisors: Crocker, Kyle and Skinner, Jauneth.