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Archive 2009

  • Carlson, Karina. The Madrigal Dinners: A Modular Study. April 14, 2009. Advisor: Schmitt, Mark.
  • Gurney, David. Compound and Chaotic Motion in the Double Pendulum System. April 28, 2009. Advisor: Bahl, David.
  • Huesmann, Sarah. Implications for Child Welfare Teaching and Human Services Personnel Perspectives Experiences of Children with Special Needs. April 15, 2009. Advisor: Reitmeir, Maryann.
  • Hellen, Jade. Chasing Martins. March 4, 2009. Advisor: Christensen, Mark.
  • Hill, Stephanie. Narrow Doorways: A Personal Recognition of Freedom. December 14, 2009. Advisor: Christensen, Mark.
  • Moellering, Kelsey. Examining Adolescent Suicide: How to Identify the Risks. April 28, 2009. Advisor: Driscoll, Marsha.
  • Nistler, Matthew. Love is the Movement: A Philanthropic Study. April 10, 2009. Advisor: Higgins, Bonnie.
  • Olson, Kelsey. Representation of Race in Television Commercials. May 6, 2009. Advisor: Boudry, Valica.
  • Omann, Nicholas. Video Management System. April 15, 2009. Advisor: Richards, Jim.
  • Peterson, Stephanie. The Separation and Identification of Polyoxometalate Mixtures. April 23, 2009. Advisor: Marek, Keith.
  • Schultz, Jason. Python as a Teaching Tool. April 10, 2009. Advisor: Wolf, Marty.
  • Wear, Kiley. Children Dealing with Autism and Asperger's Disorder and the Treatments Used. April 16, 2009/ Advisor: Driscoll, Marsha.
  • Wille, Autumn. Using Maxwell's Z-Model to Determine Lunar Mare Lava Thickness. April 16, 2009. Advisor: Dahl, Jason.