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Archive 2013

  • Bartels, Kent. Applying Effective Web Design Techniques to The Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council Website: A Review. May 2, 2013. Advisor: Bobrowsky, Tammy.
  • Bjorge, Dana. “Bringing Conformity to Accounting Standards: U.S. GAAP versus International GAAP.” May 2, 2013. Advisor: Massaglia, David.
  • Brand, Andrew. “Operating System Scheduling: Lynux Preemptive Scheduling Algorithms.” April 26, 2013. Advisor: Wolf, Marty.
  • Gronlund, Dylan. “Attendance and the Minor Leagues – Does MLB Affiliation matter?” May 1, 2013. Advisor: Forsyth, Eric.
  • Johnson, Katherine. Hollywood Voodoo.” April 26, 2013. Advisor: Weaver, Rose.
  • Judnitch, Toni. Stuck.” May 3, 2013. Advisor: Weaver, Rose.
  • Kimlinger, Kevin. “The Last Lead Kiss Goodbye.”  December 5, 2012. Advisor: Russell, Carol-Ann.
  • Meinecke, Pauline. “Reckless.” May 7, 2013. Advisor: Gibbon, Maureen.
  • Pfannenstein, Katie. “The Role of Nurses in Pediatric Pain Assessment and Interventions.” April 25, 2013, Advisor: Gangeness, Jeanine.
  • Timpe, Christina. “Children’s Book: PANDAS.” December 12, 2012. Advisor: Weaver, Rose.
  • Underwood, Alicia. “Reasons Behind the Determent of Women in STEM Disciplines.” May 3, 2013. Advisor: Livingston, Colleen.
  • Vincent, Amanda. “Does Money Correlate With Happiness.” May 7, 2013. Advisor: Driscoll, Marsha.