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Honors Council

The Honors Council is the advisory group to the Honors Program. Its twelve members include faculty from all three of the University's colleges. Student representatives are elected to the Council by their cohorts for terms of one academic year.

Dr. Marsha Driscoll
Director of the Honors Program
Department: Psychology
HS 211, 218-755-2848

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Odeh
Department: Tech Art and Design
BN 229, 218-755-2950

Dr. Tammy Bobrowsky
Library and Library Services
L 231, 218-755-4410

Dr. Mark Christensen
Department: English
HS 302, 218-755-3356
Dr. Mary Fairbanks
Department: Nursing
S S207C, 218-755-2523
Dr. Andrew Hafs
Department: Biology
S 218A, 218-755-2789
Dr. Colleen Livingston
Department: Mathematics
HG 362, 218-755-2843

Janet Heuer, J.D.
Department: Criminal Justice
BE 307, 218-755-2833

Dr. Susan Rickers
Department: Social Work
HS 377, 218-755-2835

Dr. Jeff Ueland
Department: Geography
HS 238, 218-755-2805

Dr. Janine Wahl
Department: Professional Educ.
BE 327, 218-755-3733
Dr. James White
Department: Physical Educ.
PE 207, 218-755-2766
Dr. Marty Wolf
Department: Computer Science
HS 361, 218-755-2825


Honors Faculty

For over three decades, the Honors Program has been staffed by faculty-at-large who are invited to submit course proposals to the Honors Council for approval. Most Honors courses are team-taught by gifted faculty from widely disparate disciplines.

From its inception, the Honors Program has been dedicated to disciplinary rigor and ongoing classroom experimentation. This dedication creates and maintains the dynamics of the program. As Bemidji State University has expanded its curriculum into interdisciplinary programs, the Honors Program has served as the model of interdisciplinarity.

In the event that you transfer to another school; courses at Bemidji State University, including the Honors courses, are transferable to all other institutions.

Students wishing to leave the program should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this action relative to their graduation plans and general university program.