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Required Courses

In addition to the Honors Core, Honors scholars must also complete the following required Honors courses. Courses taken to satisfy the Honors Program requirements may not be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis.

(HOPR) College Program: 9-42. Check with the Director of the Honors Program for the semester when these courses are offered. Read each course description for pre-requisites.

1104 - The Unity and Diversity of Knowledge(2 credits)
Introductory study of concepts, methods and goals characteristic of the pursuit of knowledge.

1105 - Influence, Power, and Values (2 credits)
Introduction to influence and power in relation to considerations of human values. A service component may be required.

2106 - Studies in Literature and the Arts (2 credits)
Study of the role played by literature and the arts in interpreting and expressing human experience and in constructing, throughout history, changing views of the nature of civilization.

2107 - Studies in the Social Sciences and History (2 credits)
Study of concepts common to the disciplines of the social sciences and history, with emphasis on current topics or problems.

3899 - Pre-Thesis Seminar (1 credit)
Each student will choose an Honors thesis topic, arrange to work with an advisor, develop a bibliography and write a proposal. Proposals will be reviewed for approval by the Honors Council. Must be taken during junior year.

4889 - Integrative Seminar (2 credits)
Readings, discussions, and student presentations involving study and articulation of relationships between disciplines.
Prerequisites: Honors 1104, 1105, 2106 and 2107.

4899 - Honors Thesis (2 credits)
Working individually with an advisor, the student carries out and complete the Honors thesis. The thesis may be scholarly (based on empirical or archival research or on literary criticism whose end product is a documented paper or report), or creative (consisting of original work created by the student and presented in written form or in performance, and accompanied by a written artist's statement). Prerequisite: Honors 3899.