Application to the Honors Program
To apply:
  • Complete the above application form
  • Write your personal statement (1-page)
  • Register for Honors 1104 class
Honors Program Student Manual

For additional information about services, requirements, opportunities, and practicalities of the Honors Program, please refer to the Honors Program: Student Handbook.

Thesis Guidelines for May 2017 & May 2018 Graduates
Thesis Guidelines for 2019+ Graduates

The Honors thesis provides a valuable educational opportunity for an Honors Scholar to engage in an in-depth investigation of a topic while working with the guidance of a faculty member of the scholar’s choice [who will be come the student’s Thesis Advisor].

Honors Program: Writing Rubric

A common rubric to help create consistency and stronger writing within our varied Honors Program classes.

Honors Program: Oral Communication Rubric

A common rubric to help create consistency and stronger oral presentations and communication within our varied Honors Program classes.

Honors Theses Grading Rubrics

These rubrics are the guidelines for how to succeed at creating a strong Honors Thesis/Capstone project. Furthermore, the rubrics help the student’s thesis committee [made up of the student’s Thesis Advisor, the Director of Honors, and a faculty member of the student’s choice] fairly assess the student’s thesis.

Request to Drop the Honors Program

To begin the process of dropping the Honors Program and moving, instead, into the Liberal Education Curriculum, please complete and submit this form to the main reception desk at Hagg-Sauer, room 389. Upon review, the Honors Director will either approve the student be dropped from the Program or will request a one-on-one meeting with the student to discuss the student’s decision further. Do not assume you are dropped from the Honors Program until you receive confirmation from the Honors Director or the Records Office.