Leaving the Program

Students with insufficient grade point averages (below 3.00) are dropped from the program when it becomes apparent that their record will not be maintained above the minimum standard.

Students are notified yearly by the Director when their grade point average falls below 3.00.

Requesting Leave

Students may request to be dropped from the program if they have a low grade point average or for other reasons. Such a request must be made in writing to the Director of the Honors Program. Until a student has been notified that he or she has been dropped by the Honors Council or until a student notifies the Director that he or she wishes to drop and has in turn been notified that he or she is officially dropped, the student is considered as still enrolled in the Honors Program and is held accountable for the requirements of the program. Students should not drop the program “on their own” without notifying the Director because they then run the risk of complicating graduation plans.

Students who drop the program are referred to the Director of the Honors Program. Their academic record is examined and, the student’s course work is translated into the regular Liberal Education curriculum. Students dropped from the program must then complete Liberal Education requirements. However, every effort is made not to penalize students dropping out of the Honors Program and into regular university curricula. Each student is judged on the inidividual merits of his or her case.

Students wishing to drop the program should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this action relative to their graduation plans and general university program. Ultimately, the student is responsible for completing all regulations or requirements at the university and it is the student’s responsibility to know those regulations or requirements and to see that he or she has completed them.