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What it takes to be in Honors

Students are invited to become a member of the Honors Program through their performance in high school. An ACT score of 26 or higher or a class rank in the top 10% will initiate an invitation to a prospective student at the freshman entry point. Students who are already enrolled at BSU may be recommended to the program by an individual faculty member or may be invited during the second semester of their freshman year based on their academic performance during the first semester.  Each student who chooses to accept an invitation for admission to the Honors Program becomes a member of a cadre of students who are offered ongoing support through the Honors faculty, staff and director.

The Honors Program provides students an intellectually challenging, supportive environment that features interdisciplinary active learning and a dynamic curriculum with academic rigor. As an alternative liberal education program, the Honors Program offers students the opportunity to engage in and develop an appreciation of multiple perspectives and to dialog with faculty from a variety of academic disciplines and other students on contrasting viewpoints of issues.  Students take one Honors course each semester of their freshman and sophomore years and one integrative seminar class in either their junior or senior year.  

An Honors thesis is required and is generally started in the junior year and completed in the senior year.  The Honors thesis is the culminating academic experience for the Honors student.  The thesis may be scholarly (based on empirical or archival research or on literary criticism whose end product is a documented paper) or creative (consisting of original work created by the student and presented in written form or in performance accompanied by a written artists statement).  Each student works closely with a faculty thesis advisor of his/her choosing on a topic of their choosing. The thesis provides the student with an opportunity to research, synthesize, integrate and articulate ideas while mentored by a professional in the field.

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