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People and the Environment

Bemidji State University

Environment & Politics

This page provides annotated links to web-based resources concerning politics and environmental problems. If you would like to recommend a site for inclusion here, send an email message to

Featured Link
League of Conservation Voters
Searchable Environmental Scorecard for US Senators and Representatives

Radical (and not so radical) political alternatives

Other political stuff


Compare Environmental Planks of National Political Party Platforms
Communist Constitution Democratic Green Libertarian Natural Law Reform Republican Socialist
There are significant differences among the environmental planks for the various party platforms. Cuiously, the Democrats have buried their environmental plank deep within a section on Progress (it comes after Fighting Crime, Valuing our Families, Quality Health Care, and Choice). Like the Republicans, the Democrats emphasize the importance of stewardship of God's creation -- both are essentially continuations of the status quo. The most interesting contrasts are those among so-called "minor" parties. For example, contrast the detailed proposals of the Greens with the philosophical tone of the Reform Party or the private property rights stance of the Constitution Party. Only the Libertarians have an explicit plank regarding human population growth.