People and the Environment
Summer Session I 2004
[8:00-9:55 am MTWR, S 245]

Course Format

The interdisciplinary survey of environmental issues will be provided in interdisciplinary large group sessions. Reading will be intensive and extensive, especially during the first week; plan on a minimum of 2-3 hours per day. The approach will be problem solving oriented in that environmental problems will be identified and related causes, implications, and principles will be evaluated. Some of the problems will be addressed as case studies from various disciplinary perspectives and others will be presented as panel discussions, role-playing exercises, and student interaction. In all cases, integrative thinking will be emphasized through interactions between students and members of the interdisciplinary teaching team.

Small-group sessions will emphasize a more disciplinary perspective. The small-group setting will be more conducive to discussion, interaction, and collaboration in accord with the goals of the liberal education experience. Critical thinking and values clarification will also be enhanced by the blend of the interdisciplinary lecture and small-group meeting. Small groups will meet independently several times per week as determined by the Teaching Team (see box below).

Text as Context

Read the assigned portions of the text prior to coming to class! Try to look for basic principles that can shore up your understanding of relevant issues. DON'T GET BOGGED DOWN IN DETAILS! We will spend some time in the large group section highlighting material from the reading and will welcome any specific questions you might have.

Grading & Exams

There will be a midterm and a final exam based on the readings and large-group lectures: in addition there will be several in-class writing assignment based on Critical Thinking problems posed at the end of each chapter. The remaining 50% (150 pts) of your grade will be based on small-group assignments and participation in discussions and other activities. Assignments of additional work and grading of student performance in small-groups will be the responsibility of the instructor of the departmental section in which students are enrolled. Regular attendance in both large-group and small-group is expected.

Back to Course Home Syllabus & Reading Assignments
(Read chapters prior to large group session!!)
Teaching Team
Day Date Reading Focus Coordinator
Tues 1 June Introduction
Chapter 1
Course Introduction 8:00-9:55
PPT: [Critical Consciousness]
9:00-9:30 Small Group Orientation: Local Issues, Personal Concerns
Weds 2 June Chapter 2 & 3 Ecoystems I
PPT: [Ecology Overview] | Seibold Notes
WEB:[Alaskan Fisheries]
Thurs 3 Jun Chapters 4 & 5 Ecoystems II & Population
PPT: [Population Growth] Parson Powerpoint
WEB: [Carrying Capacity]
Mon 7 Jun Chapter 14 Economic/Political/Social Interconnections
WEB: [GDP] [Time on money in politics]
WEB: [Who own the news?] | UNESCO-ESD
PPT: Valica's Notes

Boudry, Team

Tues 8 Jun Chapter 6 Consuming & Producing Energy
WEB: [Real Price of Gas?]
Seibold, Judkins
Weds 9 Jun Chapters 7 & 8

Land Issues
PPT: Buffalo Commons
WEB: [IEN - Indigenous Environmental Network] [MN Land Trust] [Dawes Act]
Aldo Leopold's 'Land Ethic' essay

Biodiversity & Extinction
PPT: [Biodiversity Overview]
WEB: [Biodiversity] [Mass Extinctions in Earth's History]

Seibold, Moe, Judkins

Thurs 10 Jun Chapters 1-8, 14 First Exam followed by Small Group Activity Team
Mon 14 Jun Chapter 9 Soil & Food
PPT: [Nitrospuds] | [Guilfoile's Prion Notes]
WEB: [Mad Cow & Other Prion Diseases] | CWD
Panel Discussion
Seibold, Judkins, Boudry
Tues 15 Jun (small group) Small Groups: Various Disciplinary Perspectives Team
Weds 16 Jun Chapters 10 & 11

Toxins & Risks
PPT: [Mercury: are you 'mad' yet?]
WEB: [Minnesota Fish Consumption Advisory]
[Sperm Count] [PBS Fooling with Nature]

Air Pollution
PPT: [Global Warming Powerpoint]

Seibold, Moe, Judkins
Thurs 17 Jun Chapters 12 & 13

Water: the ultimate resource conflict?
PPT: [Freshwater Allocation]
WEB: [Dams & Development] [International Rivers Network]

Solid and Hazardous Waste: Where to from here?
PPT: [Critical Consciousness Reprise]

Seibold, Judkins, Moe
Mon 21 Jun (small group) Small Groups: Various Disciplinary Perspectives
Tues 22 Jun (small group) Small Groups: Various Disciplinary Perspectives Team
Weds 23 Jun (small group) Small Groups: Various Disciplinary Perspectives
Thurs 24 Jun (small group) Small Groups: Various Disciplinary Perspectives Team
Mon 28 Jun (small group) Small Groups: Various Disciplinary Perspectives Team
Tues 29 Jun (small group)

Small Groups: Various Disciplinary Perspectives

Weds 30 Jun (small group)

Small Groups: Various Disciplinary Perspectives

Final Exam -- Thursday July 1st

Teaching Team and Contact Information
Instructor Department Send e-mail to Phone Office Small Group
Jack Judkins Education judkins      
Valica Boudry Mass Communication vboudry 3904 BG 203  
Frank Moe Physical Education fmoe      
Charlie Parson Geography cparson 2805 HS239 Iceland
Carol Seibold Environmental Studies cseibold 3880 S275