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Department of Humanities

The humanities are devoted to the study of human values and the spirit of humanity. The Humanities program has three major objectives: 1) to provide a multiple frame of reference for the analysis and interpretation of the sources and evolution of the humanities; 2) to foster increased awareness of the unique values inherent in each of the humanistic disciplines, while acquainting the student with the interrelationships among art, music, philosophy, language, literature, and history; 3) to establish, through the cultivation of curiosity and multicultural understanding, the breadth of background necessary for successful careers in government, business, or the professions.

Note: Students who major in Humanities should consider completing a second major. The breadth of the Humanities major and the focus on ideas that have shaped civilization is well complemented by specialized study outside the humanities. Such a double major improves students' professional preparedness and may increase career and graduate study options.

Career Directions

  • See "Note" in program description.

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Department of Humanities
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For more information see Humanities in the Academic Catalog.