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Department of Physics

Physics is a fundamental science from which nearly all of modern engineering and technology has emerged, and its perspectives on theory and experimentation continue to influence profoundly the evolution of all sciences. It addresses all domains, from the submicroscopic worlds of atoms and quarks to the vast realms of space, from the esoteric to the mundane. It requires imagination and persistence from those who would participate.

The Department of Physics offers a flexible assortment of course work, laboratories, and guided research. Its laboratories are complemented by a variety of general and specialized apparatus; computers are employed in most aspects of experimentation and analysis, at all levels.The B.A. in Physics is intended to supplement a liberal arts curriculum and is suitable preparation for continued study in a variety of professional programs. Both B.S. Physics degree options (Physics and Engineering Physics) offer routes to professional careers in industry and/or graduate study in physics, engineering, or related specialties.

Note: The two B.S. Physics options are very similar in their first two years, and they closely resemble the pre-engineering curriculum. Students are advised to keep all these options open until they have refined their interests and explored available career opportunities.

Career Directions

  • Government Laboratories
  • High School Teaching
  • Industry Laboratories
  • Post-Secondary Teaching
  • Also: Graduate and Professional Schools

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Department of Physics
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