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Women's Studies

Women's Studies Gender Studies

Women's Studies is an academic extension of the women's movement. It actively promotes new areas of research and dialogue, celebrates women's contributions to society and history, identifies women's place in contemporary life, and encourages a sense of empowerment among women through analysis of both commonality and diversity of experience.

Through an interdisciplinary program of woman-centered courses, Women's Studies students explore issues of race, class, religious preference, sexual identity, and gender as they influence women's lives in a variety of contexts. Students are challenged to learn more about themselves, to examine their own beliefs and values, and to learn to be respectful of and sensitive to viewpoints and experiences which are different from their own.

NOTE: The Women's Studies minor is especially complementary to majors in Social Work, Applied Psychology, Sociology, English, Humanities, Criminal Justice, Health, and Political Science. It is also useful in preparation for diverse professional environments such as business, education, law, and medicine and for graduate study in women's studies.

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Women's Studies Gender Studies
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