Issue 16 (2007) - Contributors & Works

Dr. CarolAnn Russell Schlemper
Ginger Rechtzigel
Anthony Swann
(Photograph) Mural From Mission District by Jet Martinez
Go Greyhound
Sweet Emma The Bell Gal
K.M. Aase
First of Many
Our Lady
Robert Baril
Betrayed, With Love
Sara Benson
(Art Work) Falling Leaves
(Art Work) Nadja and the Cat at the Hotel
Connie Bergendahl
Letting Go
The Right Thing
Katie Carter
Universal Life
Greta Colburn
Sparkles and Splashing Puddles
Michael Dehkes
Veni, Vidi, Vici
Katie Dirkswager
(Photograph) Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Liza Drellack
Good Girl
William Eitenmiller
(Art Work) Back-drop
(Art Work) Cozy
(Art Work) Slumber
Travis Grimler
Hard to Swallow
Danae Herschbach
(Art Work) Still-o-ette of Boredom