Go Greyhound - by Anthony Swann

Yo Grey Dog! You grey-bellied wonder! You take us people without cars, slip us into places our hearts yearn for. With our baggage buried in your womb-belly, we ride like kings, schmaltzing adn schmoozing, rapping with strangers, learning their stories.
Yo Dog! The poor and elderly are huddled in your stations waiting to be herded out to and from their families. You witness their hardships, see those who leave lonely to arrive lonely. You carry them all, Democratic Dog, from ghetto, rez, metropolis or country junction, crossing the country allwhere, bridging gaps, linking up, your coaches pulsing like bloodcells from the heart of the nation, traversing highway veins to continental extremities.
You said leave the driving to us, Dog, I'm gonna take you an ride like Robert Johnson's ghost, make you pant with your tongue out like that lean race dog you're named for, make you run the dust of highways to Mexico, Canada, keep you runnin, Dog, like the non-stop hound you are, man's best friend.