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Tuition for undergraduate courses, with the exclusion of most travel courses, is banded (12-18 credits). Some programs/courses are approved for differential tuition, this charge is in addition to the tuition rate. Please review your charges on your fee statement in e-Services.
ID Dept. Crs. Sect. Title Cr. Days Time Location Instructor Md. Size  
Master of Business Administration
For information on which courses in this department charge differential tuition, click here for more information.
166252 MBA 6115 90 Operations Management 3 NA Wood, Kari ONL 6/30 books
166253 MBA 6120 90 Managerial Finance 3 NA Son, Young Seob ONL 7/30 books
166254 MBA 6125 90 Marketing Management 3 NA La Venture, Kelly ONL 6/30 books
166259 MBA 6145 90 Strategy and Management 3 NA Wallingford, Valerie ONL 14/30 books
166258 MBA 6400 90 Managing Human Resources 3 NA Wallingford, Valerie ONL 10/30 books
Smith, David
166257 MBA 6405 90 Organization Theory 3 NA Smith, David ONL 10/30 books
166255 MBA 6700 90 Financial Institutions 3 NA Son, Young Seob ONL 4/30 books
166256 MBA 6705 90 Derivatives & Risk Mgmt 3 NA Son, Young Seob ONL 4/30 books

Media Types
*ONL - Predominately Online (may have up to 2 class meetings OR require proctored exams)
BLND - Blended - face to face and online class meetings
IND - Independent Study
ITV - Interactive Television
ONL - Completely Online (no face to face meetings or synchronous online meetings)
ONLS - Completely Online with some synchronous class meetings

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