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Courses are charged a per credit tuition rate. Some programs/courses are approved for differential tuition, this charge is in addition to the base tuition rate. Please review your charges on your fee statement in e-Services.
ID Dept. Crs. Sect. Title Cr. Days Time Location Instructor Md. Size  
For information on which courses in this department charge differential tuition, click here for more information.
151440 MUS 1100 90 Intro to Music 2 NA Carlson, Stephen ONL 6/40 books
Course begins 6/2 and ends 8/1.
151492 MUS 1800 01 Performance Laboratory 0 ARR Lyren, Del 1/1 Full books
Course begins 5/12 and ends 8/1.
151547 MUS 2201 02 MusTheory&Musicianship I 5 ARR Guidry, Scott 1/1 Full books
Course begins 5/14 and ends 8/1.
151254 MUS 3130 90 History Of Rock And Roll 3 NA Lyren, Del ONL 69/70 books
Course begins 5/14 and ends 5/30.
151255 MUS 3130 91 History Of Rock And Roll 3 NA Lyren, Del ONL 48/60 books
Course begins 7/7 and ends 8/1.

Media Types
*ONL - Predominately Online (may have up to 2 class meetings OR require proctored exams)
BLND - Blended - face to face and online class meetings
IND - Independent Study
ITV - Interactive Television
ONL - Completely Online (no face to face meetings or synchronous online meetings)
ONLS - Completely Online with some synchronous class meetings

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