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Undergraduate Admission

Bemidji State University admits high school students who 1) rank in the upper 50 percent of their high school graduating class OR 2) score a composite of 21 or above on the ACT.  The ACT is required of all students who have graduated from high school within the past two years. Transfer students (at least 24 semester credits) will be admitted if they have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. Applicants who do not satisfy either requirement may be considered for conditional admission.

Undergraduate Admissions Procedures

  1. Application for Admission
    Complete the online application for admission. Or download an application [pdf] to fill out and return by mail.
  2. Application Fee
    Submit the non-refundable $20.00 application fee to Bemidji State University.
  3. Official Transcript
    Request that your high school or secondary institution(s) send an official transcript directly to the Office of Admission and Scholarships.
  4. GED Certificate
    If you have received a General Equivalency Diploma, submit a copy of your scores to the Office of Admissions and Scholarship.

Undergraduate Special Student Admission

If you do not plan to complete a degree or apply for financial aid, and want to be admitted to BSU to complete summer courses, you can apply online as an undergraduate Special Student, and register for classes as soon as your application is processed. 

To apply as a "Special Student" select: the following on the online application:

  • "On campus" or "Off-site" - as your type of major
  • "Undecided" - as your area of student
  • "Not seeking degree" - as your intended degree.

Undergraduate Special Student status allows qualified students to attend summer term. Students will be granted special status admission if they (1) have graduated from an accredited high school
OR (2) have completed a GED certificate OR (3) are transferring from another post-secondary institution at which they are or left in good academic and financial standing.

There will be a $20 application fee, however transcripts are not required. Students who later decide to pursue a degree program must apply for regular undergraduate admission to the BSU.