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Students walking on campus.

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Earned college credit in high school?

Have classes in high school count towards your college degree.

  • Advanced Placement
    • BSU accepts AP courses with a score of 3 or higher
    • Click here to see how your AP classes work for you at BSU
    • Remember to select BSU when choosing where to send your scores
    • Contact College Board if you forgot to send them to BSU
  • College in the Classroom
    • BSU accepts College Credit earned while in high school.  Visit Transferology to see how your courses transfer to BSU.
    • Remember to have an official transcript sent from each college you've taken classes from
  • CLEP
    • Click here to see how your CLEP exams work for you at BSU
  • International Baccalaureate
    • BSU will grant credit for scores of 4 or higher on individual IB examinations or successful completion of the IB diploma.  Click here for additional International Baccalaureate information.



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