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Shane Bowe

Seeing the forest for the trees through the eyes of a researcher.

For Shane Bowe, research is a fancy word for recreation, at least the part that requires the researcher to explore forest wetlands.

Bowe's research, which he started as an undergraduate student, examines the importance of previously unstudied small and temporary wetlands, with a special focus on logging effects. His work is a collaborative endeavor between BSU and the Department of Natural Resources, funded by the DNR's Wetland Wildlife Research Group.

The research is particularly significant due to its uncharted territory, and his findings will be useful to those in forest management concerned about conservation practices. His work has become the basis for his graduate thesis, which he hopes to complete by the fall of 2007. In addition, his research experience helped him land a job as an aquatic biologist with the Red Lake DNR.

Bowe values the hands-on experience he gained from the research and the opportunity to work with professionals, including Dr. Richard Koch, associate professor of biology and a wetlands specialist, and other faculty who have been mentors. He also appreciates going to a school in the middle of the north woods where nature's bounty is always close at hand.

About BSU

"I had an opportunity here to do a real research project -- funded and likely published. It's not a seat-of-the pants project. I'm working with professionals and seeing it from both sides: the DNR's and BSU's."

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