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John Skarie

From fish to tomatoes, while continuing a commitment to the environment.

Sights set on a career in fisheries, John Skarie started out working for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  Today he's still landing "big ones," but has traded in fish for tomatoes.

He is now growing about 100,000 pounds of hydroponic tomatoes as part of his business, Lakeview Greenhouses.  Hydroponic tomatoes are grown in a solution of water and fertilizer rather than planted in soil.

In growing the hydroponic tomatoes, Skarie fulfills a personal commitment to the environment by eliminating the need for herbicides and pesticides.  If pests do penetrate the greenhouse, he uses other insects to eliminate the unwanted pests.  To cut fuel consumption in his 11,000 greenhouse, he's installed as geothermal heating system to reduce heat consumption. 

His other environmental interests include Trout Unlimited and Muskies Incorporated.  While at BSU, he was a member of Ducks Unlimited, Varsity Chapter.

About BSU

"My education steered me toward that type of lifestyle and awareness. It obviously changed me for the better -- being aware of your surroundings, the world around you, how to absorb it, and make something of it"

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