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Class Size

Class size statistics can be a very unpredictable way to evaluate the actual class sizes.

In the rush to evaluate colleges, it is easy to trust many of the statistics that are used to differentiate schools. Rankings. Percentage of students who graduate in 4 years. Class size.

Photo of female student in class But you are a smart kid, right? You know that numbers have a tendency to get fuzzy when applied as an average. Take a school that states they have an average class size of 18, that would sound good right? However, a school that has two classes with over 100 students and ten classes with 2 students would produce the same average class size. A student at this school would never have a class with anything like the average they expected.

At BSU, we have a student-to-faculty ratio that we are proud of: 23:1, which is the smallest in comparison to all other public universities within 250 miles.

But, because we know how questionable this number can be, you should view it incomparison to some other important numbers. BSU has:

  • the highest percentage of classes under 20: 50%
  • lowest percentage of classes over 50: 7%
  • the highest percentage of full-time faculty

Compared with schools that offer as much as BSU, you won't find a better ratio of students to faculty. Some of our programs do offer classes in a large, lecture hall setting, but our professors still have the time to provide a great deal of individual attention to students.


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