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Transitioning to College

» Will my relationship with my child change after he/she goes off to college?

Parents, you may be surprised, but your relationship with your child may become even better once he/she goes off to college. They will be learning to take those gradual steps towards greater maturity and independence. That said, regular communication with your son/daughter will allow both you and them to know that their needs are being met.

» How can I keep involved in my student's life without being intrusive?

Most students enjoy regular contact from their family once they go to school. Establish a routine of calling or talking to them at least once every week and you will both get used to the ritual.

» What should I do if my student is homesick?

Students often experience some sort of homesickness at college. That's why BSU has put such effort into establishing our FYE program, which helps new students create a bond with both their classes and their peers. If your student seems to be having difficulty beyond the first few weeks of school, please encourage them to contact TRIO.


» How much spending money do students need?

Financial needs will differ from student to student, but one way to keep a budget on a student's on-campus spending is through the flexible spending "Beaver bucks". Much like an online bank account, Beaver bucks can be withdrawn and deposited as needed. They can only be used to purchase goods on the BSU campus.

» Should my student open a local checking account?

If they haven't already, this would be a good time to open up and learn to manage a personal savings or checking account. Bemidji has several smaller regionalized banks and also larger national banks such as Wells Fargo.

» How can my student get a job?

The Financial Aid office provides some tips here.

» What kind of scholarships are available?

BSU offers a variety of scholarships, based on merit and need. Please visit the Scholarships page here.


» Should they pick a major?

Students can declare a major when first beginning at BSU, however, it is not necessary. Faculty advisors are available to assist students in scheduling classes each semester and also can guide them in the process of recommending what major a student eventually can claim.

» How much time should be devoted to study?

Each student will have different needs for time that they devote to studying outside of attending class. A normal rule for students to follow is to devote 2 hours of student time per credit hour that they are registered for.

» How many credit hours does the average student take in a semester?

To keep on pace for graduating in four years, a student should attempt to take 16 credits per semester. Certain factors such as extra-curricular and work committments can affect a student's decision as to how many credits to take in different semesters. Faculty advisors can help a student each semester to consider such committments when deciding which classes and how many credits they will register for.


» What if my child does not get along with his/her roommate?

While the Residential Life department will try to assign a roommate that will best match many of the interests and similarities shared by your son or daughter, occasionally these assignments will not work out. If that is the case, then your son/daughter can notify the Residential Life office and they will reassign them a different roommate.

» What is the secret to managing college life academically and socially?

The nice part about living on campus, is that students have the ability to manage both academic committments and can still socialize with many students who are often in the same situation. The proximity to different tutoring, computer labs, library and other academic resources allows a student a good opportunity to do well in their studies. The FYE program, student clubs/organizations, intermural and varsity sports, outdoor program center (in addition to many other activities) will give your son/daughter ample opportunity to participate in many different social functions.



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