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Robert Strand

Admissions Representative

I work primarily with future students from the eastern portions of Minnesota and the great state of Wisconsin. As a Wisconsin native myself, it's easy for me to help families with Out-Of-State questions or those that have a significant distance between home and school. Come to me for questions about majors, transfer credits, residence halls, admissions requirements, all of the great recreational activities in the greater Bemidji area! It's very important for me to help students discover is BSU is the right fit for them. It certainly was for me!

Things I enjoy in my free time:

If I am not on campus, I am in the great outdoors. You can find me fishing, canoeing, hiking, hunting, biking, or simply getting lost in some of Bemidji's beautiful wilderness. One of the other winter cornerstones for me is Beaver Hockey! Just look for the crazy guy wearing huge buck-teeth and green face paint.

What I studied in college:

I was one of those students who changed their major a handful of times before finding my niche. I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration, double emphasizing in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I also have a Minor in Geographic Information Systems.

My favorite place on campus:

It's a tie between two spots. As a student, I fell in love with the 12th Floor Lounge of Tamarack Hall. The view is remarkable and the studying was even better! Second, from an extracurricular standpoint, would have to be the Thompson Recital Hall. I enjoyed many choir rehearsals, concerts, performances, and classes in this hall, and can't wait to enjoy more!

Advice for prospective students

Don't go to a college just because your friend(s)/significant-other is going there. Select the school that has your interests in mind; majors, sports, hobbies, and personality. Bemidji State might not be a perfect fit for everyone, but for many (like me) you'll find BSU to be perfect home for 4+ years.

Contact me if you'd like to chat about BSU!



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