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Photo of Buck with football team

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Student Life

Welcome to B-Town

Bemidji, or B-town as we like to call it, has been recognized as one of the best small towns in America -- and it shows. The first city on the Mississippi River, Bemidji sits in a spectacular location on the beautiful shores of Lake Bemidji. B-town is populated by friendly, involved citizens who appreciate the arts and the advantages of having an educated population. Although it retains its small town feel, Bemidji provides all the conveniences of a larger city.

A balanced Bemidji lifestyle.

Photo of parade With one of the most active student populations in the state, life at BSU provides a perfect balance of academics, community and recreation. Clubs and organizations keep us connected. Athletics and events keep us going. Arts and culture keep us entertained. It is just as easy to take a kayak out on the lake as it is take in a play at Bangsberg Hall.

Much of student life centers around activities coordinated at the Hobson Memorial Union, where you'll find out about events, student organizations, and socialize with students at the food courts. The HMU also houses an art gallery, the University bookstore, and the always buzzing food court.


Weeks of Welcome From the moment you arrive at BSU, we have activites to help you meet students and find your way around campus. Click here to learn more »

Photo of students looking at art


Renowned artists. In addition to the beautiful examples of sculpture and public art that adorn the campus, BSU students get year-round opportunities for theater, music, and cultural events. Click here to learn more »


Play hard. In addition to our awesome sports teams, nearly all of our students are involved in some form of intramural sports. Get in on the game by clicking here »


Residential Life. Six residential halls offer a variety of room options and single-parent apartments. The halls are connected to the campus underground walkway system and conveniently located near the campus fitness and recreation center. Learn more »

Photo of students with school spirit

Student Clubs

Get involved. Student clubs and organizations span the gamut from Anime to Utlimate Frisbee. You'll easily find others who share your values or your interests, so you won't spend all your time at the library. Click here to learn more »

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