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Photo of Bucky with football team

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Bucky Tells All!

Photo of BuckyBSU's friendly mascot opens up about life at BSU, what students like to do, and what you can expect from the nearby community. Don't be afraid. Despite those teeth, he won't bite. Ask your question by clicking here.

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What are you?

In the biology department, they call me Castor canadensis, part of the beaver family. You can call me Bucky.

Why a Beaver?

According to school lore, past Bemidji State University President Charles Sattgast, while watching the football team play, commented that they were "working as hard as beavers," and thus, the name Bemidji Beavers was created.

What is it like at BSU?

Good times for a beaver. Lots of trees and miles of state and national forests. Even the University maintains a private 240-acre forest for you to use. But you're probably interested in more than the wildlife, right? Actually, there is so much to do that you should just say what you are interested in. Theatre? We have it. Yep, that, too.

Are the winters cold?

Not from around here, huh? Don't worry. Winters are beautiful. Snowshoeing, skiing, snowball fights. And the campus has convenient tunnels connecting dorms to campus buildings, so you can stay warm and dry in bad weather.

Do all the dorm room's have windows?

Yes, all dorms have windows with views even better than the ones I have from my beaver lodge.  You should see the views from Tamarack -- they're awesome!

Do I have to bring a computer?

No, you really don't have to.  We have multiple computer labs with a 19:1 student to computer ratio.

Can I bring my car? What's parking like?

I'm self-propelled, so I don't need a car, but students often find it convenient to have one. If you are driving to campus, you can purchase a parking permit for the year for $105.23. You can also take advantage of the BSU agreement with Paul Bunyan Transit, which offers bus service in town to any BSU student, just by showing a student ID. The cost for this service is $25.00.

Do I have to live in the dorms

Starting in the fall of 2014, living on campus will be required for new freshman students. While living on campus, you will meet so many people and be close to all your classes and to campus activities.  Hey, you can even avoid inclement weather by taking the tunnels. Like my lodge, it's always toasty warm in the tunnels.  Contact BSU Residential Life (218-755-3750 or reslife@bemidjistate.edu) for more information about living on campus!

Can I get a job easily?

There are many on campus jobs available.  Check out campus job opportunities by connecting with BSU Career Services or by logging on to the Student Employment website.

 What are Beaver Bucks?

Beaver Bucks are accepted like cash in all of our dining locations, including the variety store in Northwoods Dining Center and Hobson Memorial Union. It works on the same principle as a debit card. You can draw from your Beaver Bucks for beverages, snacks or full meals for you or your guests at any time. Whenever you make a purchase at any dining service location or C3 campus variety store, the amount of your purchase is subtracted from your Beaver Bucks account. You can add more Beaver Bucks to your account at any time.

Is the campus wireless?

Wireless access points are planned across campus with installation being done in phases.  Right now many of the academic buildings and the student union have some wireless capability.  Just like my building projects, more wireless access points are planned for the coming year.

Can I pick my room mate?

Do you want to live with me? Sure, you can pick your room mate. Contact Residential Life.

What do students do on the weekends?

You can be as "busy as a beaver" on weekends, if you want. There are sporting events happening nearly every weekend -- football, volleyball, Division 1 hockey, basketball, etc. Check out the events calender for theatre and music events on campus as well.  Being an outdoor enthusiast, I'd recommend that you also take advantage of our awesome Outdoor Program Center (OPC).  From weekend to week-long trips and from canoeing the Mississippi to hiking in the Grand Canyon, the OPC can help you get in touch with the great outdoors!  You might even meet some of my relatives. Check out OPC activities.



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