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Meet a BSU Grad

Where are they now?

BSU grads go on to lead successful careers throughout the country in a wide variety of fields. Athletes. Artists. Environmentalists. Teachers. Scientists. These are some of our proudest examples of what you can do with an education from BSU. Roll your mouse over the names to reveal links to the stories.

John Skarie

Aquatic Biology, Class of 1993

From fish to tomatoes, while continuing a commitment to the environment...

Sights set on a career in fisheries, John Skarie started out working for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Today he's still landing "big ones," but has traded in fish for tomatoes. Click to read more...

Steve DeKrey

Psychology, Class of 1975

Leading leaders to excel in Hong Kong and beyond.

Steve DeKrey, who considers leadership one of life's most honorable endeavors, has made a career of helping executive leaders do their jobs even better. Click to read more...

Berne Christiansen

English Education and Political Science, Class of 2007

BSU leadership experience broadens view on life.

While teaching remains in the mix of Berne Christiansen's career aspirations, his BSU leadership experience has prompted him to consider additional options.Click to read more...

Todd Hillukka

Technology Education, Class of 2007

Finding inspiration in the youngsters he plans to teach.

Todd Hikkulla believes "lives can be made or broken when we are kids." As a carpenter and educator, he plans to lay foundations for sound structures and strong youth. Click to read more...

Katherine Tieben

Vocal Music Performance and Theatre, Class of 2007

A passion for performance put into action.

Katherine Tieben has a clear vision for her future: "Through performance, I want to inspire people to get involved in the arts... I want to touch people's lives." Click to read more...

Will Antell

Education, Class of 1969

Childhood challenges become fodder for life's work in education.

WE DO NOT SERVE INDIANS. Will Antell can still see that sign, a vivid memory from childhood that later fueled his life's work: improving people's future as an educator and Native American activist. Click to read more...

Wanda Reise Odegard

Fine Art, Class of 1988

Metal for the soul inspires enduring works of art.

Wanda Reise Odegard knows what it's like to lose a piece of her soul. Make that 27 pieces. The Bemidji-based artist lost 27 paintings when a fire engulfed the restaurant where they were stored. From the ashes, rose her passion for metal -- a more permanent medium for her art. Click to read more...

Aaron & Evan Fagen

Industrial Technology, Class of 1998 and 2001

Alumni brothers leading the nation in ethanol plant construction.

Practical know-how, drive and a solid work ethic -- those are the traits Aaron and Evan Fagen look for as they seek industrial technology professionals for their family-owned business. Click to read more...

Shane Bowe

Biology , Class of 2004

Seeing the forest for the trees through the eyes of a researcher.

For Shane Bowe, research is a fancy word for recreation, at least the part that requires the researcher to explore forest wetlands. Click to read more...


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