Photo of students by lakeThe Ojibwe originally named Lake Bemidji as Bemijigamaa (a lake with crossing waters), since the lake is considered to traverse the Mississippi River, which enters on the lake's south shore and exits on its eastern shore. According to folk legends, Lake Bemidji was formed in Paul Bunyan's footprint as he logged his way west. BSU professors will tell you it was simply the final result in the last stage of glaciation in Minnesota.

Photo of Lake Bemidji State ParkLake Bemidji is a popular recreational and resort destination with Lake Bemidji State Park sitting along its northern shore. In summer, the lake provides opportunities for boating, sailing, swimming and fishing. In winter, the ice invites skating, hockey, curling and, yes, more fishing. No matter when you visit, everyone appreciates the beauty that overlooks our daily life.

If your trip allows, take a hike or bike through Lake Bemidji State Park with its an unforgettable trails that meander among conifers, pitcher plants, sundews and orchids.

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