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American Indian Resource Center :: Anishinaabe-gikendaasowigamig

Paid Summer Research Projects for American Indian Students

Ge-diba'amawindwaa Anishinaabe-gikinoo'amaaganag Ji-nandagikendamowaad


GEM (Geo-science, Environmental Science, and Meteorology) is a program funded by the National Science Foundation and Purdue University. A team of professors from Purdue University, Bemidji State University, and Red Lake Nation College are offering paid summer research experiences for American Indian undergraduate students who have completed at least one year of study and are interested in pursuing a career in the sciences.

The goal is for the GEMscholars is to complete a well-planned research study in their home community while learning research methods and the value of teamwork and independent research. 

In the summer, GEMscholars meet with faculty mentors to develop and plan a research project. GEMscholars are then divided into teams to work on their projects throughout the summer. Guidance in the form of meetings, field work, emails and phone calls will come from your mentors but much of the research will be completed with your team. 

During the fall semester, GEMscholars and mentors will travel to Purdue University to present their exciting research at the annual GEMscholar Symposium & Poster Session. 

What do YOU need to do to become a GEMscholar??

  • Be an American Indian undergraduate student from BSU, Leech Lake Tribal College, or Red Lake Nation College that is pursuing a GEM field, and who has successfully completed at least one year of study.
  • Complete an application form and be accepted into the program.
  • Attend all mandatory summer workshops held at BSU with the faculty mentors.
  • Learn how to design a project, participate in field research, conduct laboratory research, and design a final poster based on your research finding.
  • Visit Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana (all expenses paid) in the fall following your summer program,with your fellow GEMscholars and local mentors to present your research results at the GEMscholar Symposium & Poster Session.
  • Complete surveys before and after your GEMscholar research experience, participate in focus groups, and keep a journal reflecting on your experience. 
  • Get paid for being a GEMscholar!

About the GEMScholar Program

The GEMscholar program is a research partnership between Purdue University, Bemidji State University and Red Lake Nation College with a goal to increase the number of Native American students successfully pursuing graduate geoscience degrees.

Two GEMscholar Symposium & Poster Sessions serve as the culmination of the summer projects, providing the  GEMscholars an opportunity to present their exciting findings. Both session are held in the fall. The first at Purdue University and the second at Red Lake Nation Colege

For More Information

If you are interested in becoming a 2009 GEMscholar, please contact one of the following: 

Colette Dahlke
American Indian Resource Center Bemidji State University
(218) 755-2032

Pat Welle
Bemidji State Unersity
(218) 755-3873

The Mentoring Native American Students for Success in Geoscience Graduate Programs project is funded by the National Science Foundation.