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Marketing Assistance & Research Solutions

Hire Marketing Assistance and Research Solutions of BSU

Marketing Assistance &
Research Solutions:

Phone: 218-755-2115 or 218-755-2117

Dr. Kelly La Venture, Director:
Phone: 218-755-4404 or 218-755-2135

What Is Marketing Research?

Marketing Research is the examination of all aspects of a business environment. Marketing research can help determine economic trends and market demand for new or existing markets. Marketing research can also help find potential opportunities or threats to a company or product. Why is this important? It is part of the process of developing, promoting and selling a good, service or idea. Marketing research helps a business better understand how to attract and/or retain their customers.

What can MARS do for You?

MARS offers customized work that helps you and your business understand how to solve problems, how to reach customers, how to gain more knowledge about the market and most importantly, helps you and your business learn more about yourself. MARS delivers timely and professional services that are reliable, objective and confidential at a low cost.