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Student Scholarship & Creative Achievement
2015 Conference, 16th Annual

April 8, 2015


Welcome to the 16th Annual Student Scholarship and Creative Achievement Day Conference. 

This event celebrates our students’ excellence in both original scholarship and artistic endeavor.  Their presentations represent the range of academic disciplines and aesthetic pursuits that are the life of the university.

Their research and innovation in the arts and sciences are real contributions to the process of learning and the increase in knowledge.  More importantly, their work foreshadows even greater achievements that will come from these scholars and artists in years to come.

Conference Program

To be posted

Keynote Address

To be announced

More information will be posted as planning progresses.

Troy Gilbertson, Chair

Student Scholarship and Creative Achievement Conference

Students Presenters for the 2015 Conference:
Submission window is closed.
Find out more information about presenting at the conference: Student Proposals