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Student Posters 2014

Crying Wolf Room and Terrace Lounge, Hobson Memorial Lower Union 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Students will be present at the posters from 11:55 AM – 12:45 PM


Preliminary Assessment of Indoor Air Quality at Bemidji State University - Prajjwal Adhikari, Alex Bundy, Blake Field, Kyle Rademacher

An Examination of the Fall 2013 Waterfowl Migration in the Bemidji Area - Anthony Bauer, Derek Mostad

The Use of Therapeutic Touch in the Pediatric Population - Amy Baumgartner, Kelly Jessen, Nikki Jones, Miranda Mathiowetz

Engaging the Community with GIS - Maria Berkeland, Erik Fredberg, Ciara McCarty

A Spatial Statistical Analysis of Crime and Income in Minnesota Counties in 1990 - 2010 - Andrew Bertrand

An Analysis of Bemidji State University\'s Tree Inventory and Distribution - Grant Bingham

Assessment of Indoor Air Quality at Low Traffic and High Traffic Locations - Julie Bruns, Jacob Cahill, Matthew Gehrman, Kyle Matuseski

Sorption and Slow Release of Food Dye - Jacob Cahill, Julia Giesen, Haley Johnson, Carrington Tolzin

The Spatial Dimensions of Agricultural Production in Minnesota - Thomas Carlson

Taxing The Sick - Jacob Carpenter

Growth Rates of Elodea in the Presence of Goldfish Nutrient Addition - Ryan Carrow, Bradley Klingsheim, Kristine Markham

NHL Players and Their Home Countries - Diana Chambers

Habitat Preference of Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) - Eric Christensen

Increased Safety of Dementia Patients with the Use of Bed Alarms - Samantha Christie, Madison Hovde, Melissa Konz, Megan Moen, Kathleen Warmack

Biopolymer-Clay-Carbonate Nano Aggregates in Sorption and Controlled Release of Red Food Dye - John Costello, Danielle Erickson, Ethan FavorJackson, Lynda LaFond, Scott Merschman

Daphnia Magna Population Growth Rates as a Function of Temperature - Martin Evans, Joseph Kaiser, Thomas Lee

Relationship Between Harvest and Scent Post Station Data for Bobcats in Minnesota - Traver Fields

Lymnaea Snail Growth Determinations Based on Forage Type - Erik Fredberg, Mark Poradek, Thor Sherva

Climbing Mali Kuthea: The Mapping of Mbui Nzau - Kirsten Goldstein

Dietary Changes in Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) from Fall to Winter. - Joseph Jacobson

Preliminary Testing of Indoor Air Quality at Bemidji State University - Eric Johnson, Jordan Kralewski, Alexandra Miller, Megan Nathe, Dylan Sievers

Crime Analysis in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota - Anthony Karlen

Habitat Preference of Lymnaea in the Presence of Predator Kairmones - Amber Lepisto, Dominic Metty, Emily Nelson

Crime in Houston, TX a Statistical Analysis - Jerrod LeSavage

Assessing Risk of DII Female Volleyball Athletes with the Functional Movement Screen - Anders Lindstrom, John Rusch, Chloe Streeper

Quantification of Waste Water by HPLC Analysis - Eric Massaro

A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Specific Mammalian Urines in Attracting Mammals to Scent Stations in Chippewa National Forest of Northern Minnesota - Jeffrey Mau

Literature Review: Teen Parents and Education - Jamie Miller

Life Cycle Assessment of Plastic Bottles - Alexandra Miller

Reduction of Medication Errors by Nursing Students: The Effects of Additional Medication Training - Ashley Millner

Spatial and Temporal Examination of Deer Harvest and Public Land Access in Minnesota - Derek Mostad

Population Growth Rates of Lemna Minor Under Different Temperature Regimes - Neil Mourning, Phillip Oswald, Lee Skajewski

Zooplankton Community Development in Late Winter - Ian Olson, Laura Strand

Ephippia Production in Daphnia When Influenced by Environmental Stress - Ian Olson, Garrett Palmer, Douglas Zentner

Job Turnover Among Registered Nurses - Brittany Rhyner, Ashley Risdahl, Amber Wendorff

Treatment of Flowback Water from Hydraulic Fracturing - Agbeko Sallah

Duckweed Growth Rates in Response to Varying Levels of Nutrients and Light - Alec Spurbeck, Kyle VanWagner, Alexander Whitlow

Risk Analysis of Water Use in the High Plains Aquifer - Ryan Trudel

Benthic Macroinvertebrates as a Water Quality Indicator of the Turtle River - Kyle VanWagner

Size of Beaver (Castor canadensis) in the Bemidji, Minnesota Area. - Benjamin Welinski

An Examination of Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Divorce Rates in Minnesota - Michel Wetzel