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Student Proposals

Students can participate in one of the following ways:

  • Giving an oral presentation
  • Presenting a poster
  • Being part of a panel
  • Giving a creative performance

Students who wish to participate in the Student Scholarship and Creative Achievement conference will need to submit a proposal online. A BSU faculty or staff sponsor must approve the proposal before it can reviewed for inclusion in the conference. Students should contact the faculty or staff sponsor before submitting their proposal. As soon as the student has submitted the proposal, the sponsor will be notified via email.

When submitting a proposal a brief title and 200-word abstract are required. Give thought to these before beginning your proposal.

The submission system allows for groups of up to 30 students to be involved in the same proposal. The group should select one student to be the applicant who will submit the proposal and add the others as participants.

Any special equipment needs can be specified in the submission system.

Submissions: Proposal System >
Submission window: Feb 2 at 8:00am - Feb 20 at 11:59pm