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Past Events

Teaching and Learning Conference 

9 January 2014

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What Career Services Offers to Students (Spring 2014 Workshop Schedule)
New Faculty Orientation and Luncheon

Dr. Nancy Hall, Dr. Julie Adams, Dr. Laurie Desiderato

22 August 2013

Prezi Presentation

Active Learning Strategies:

Case study

Send a problem

Video as springboard for in online setting

Visible Quiz

Discovering Your Strengths: What The Strengths-Based Approach Can Do For Faculty

Margie Giauque, Zachary Johnson, Nancy Haugen

27 March 2013

         Powerpoint Presentation

UTAP Luncheon: Working Effectively With Groups

Valarie Wallingford

26 March 2013

David Park House Dialogue: Academic Scholarship

Michael Murray

22 March 2013

Active and Collaborative Learning and Evidence Based Teaching

Geoffrey Schneider - Bucknell University
18 February 2013

David Park House Dialogue: Grants

Randy Westhoff

8 February 2013

UTAP Luncheon Orientation

1 February 2013

Nature of College

Jim Farnell

29 January 2013

Mentoring Kickoff

10 January 2013

Finishing Strong: Tying Up Loose Ends

Laurie Desiderato and Joann Fredrickson

28 November 2012

Mentoring Certification Training

21 November 2012

UTAP Luncheon: Active Learning

Nancy Hall

14 November 2012

Informal Faculty Gathering at Bridgid's Cross

26 October 2012

Lunch and Learn: Advising for Student Success

Zachary Johnson, Michelle Frenzel

23 October 2012

         Video Presentation

         Presentation Notes

Lunch and Learn: Textbook Alternatives

Tammy Bobrowsky, Bob Griggs, Dave Zothman, Kari Cooper, Nick Nelson

16 October 2012

         Video Presentation

         MNSCU Student Textbook Survey Report

         University of Minnesota Open Textbook Catalog

UTAP Orientation Luncheon

21 September 2012

Lunch and Learn: Creating Innovative Lecture with the iPad

Michael Murray

19 September 2012

Informal Faculty Gathering at Blue Ox

13 September 2012

Student Center for Health and Counseling: Billing for Counseling Services - Review and Update

Lawrence Hanus

12 September 2012

         Powerpoint Presentation

Lunch and Learn: Professional Development Profiles

4 September 2012