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Metamorphosis is published by the Center for Professional Development at Bemidji State University, Bemidji, Minnesota. It is intended to serve as a medium for the exchange of ideas about teaching and higher education and to highlight ongoing and upcoming professional development opportunities at BSU.

Fall 2011 Articles:

Introduction to Metamorphosis 2011(Laurie Desiderato, Director)

Announcing new CPD Staff

Book Review of The Joy of Teaching (Michael Hamann)

Recalibration and Overhauling a Jumbo Jet (James McCracken)

Spring 2010 Articles:
Introduction to Metamorphosis 2010 (Rosalie Weaver, Interim Director 2009-2010), page 1
Assessing the Critical Thinking Workshop: A Look Through the Rear Window (Dr. Laurie Desiderato and Ms. Ann Carrier), page 3
Liberal Education and Critical Thinking: Engaging Students in the Curriculum (Dr. Hook), page 4
Critical Thinking in/about Web 2.0 (Dr. Siri Anderson), page 7
Critical Thinking: From Concept to Classroom (Dr. Rosalie Weaver), page 10
NSSE Effects on Teaching and Learning at BSU (Ms. Mary Ward), page 12

Spring 2009 Articles:
Introduction to Metamorphosis 2009 (Rosalie Weaver, Interim Director 2008-2009), page 1
Preservation and Change in Academe (Professor Louise Jackson), page 3
Embracing Change: Strategic Planning Grounded in Appreciative Inquiry Principles (Professor Shari L. Olson and Professor Margaret Carlson) page 5
Twitter This: Social Networks, Change and Faculty-Student Interaction in the Modern Classroom (Professor Jeffrey S. Ueland) page 9
Change: Life’s Imperative (Professor Lawrence J. Hanus), page 12

Spring 2008 Articles:
Collaborative Problem-Solving in an Online World (Professor Chad Schmidt), page 1 The Importance of Supporting Curriculum and Its Development (Dr. Joann Fredrickson), page 4 Collaboration + Breaking through Education Delivery Systems = Evolving Curriculum (Jodi Mutansky), page 6 Engaging Liberal Education (Dr. Colleen Greer), page 10

Spring 2007 Articles:
Active Learning in Higher Education: One Professor's Experience (Dr. Margaret Carlson), page 1 Active Learning: From Middle School to the College Classroom (Dr. Richard Spindler), page 3 Learning Pluralism through Body Knowledge (Professor Valicia Boudry), page 5 The Senior Thesis Process as Active Learning (Dr. Patrick Donnay), page 7 Barriers to Active Learning (Professor Sharon Gritzmacher), page 9

Spring 2006 Articles:
Strategic Planning.....What's Next? (Dr. Laurie Desiderato), page 1 The Art of Building a Costume (Dr. Kay Robinson), page 2 From Gutenberg to Craig's List (Dr. Deanna Evans), page 3 To Plan or not to Plan (Dr. Elizabeth Dunn), page 4

Spring 2005 Articles:
The Transition to a New Department Chair (Dr. Russell Lee), page 1 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative & Professional Writing (Professor Susan Hauser), page 2 A Satisfied Retiree (Dr. Evan Hazard), page 3 My Last Sabbatical (Dr. Patrick Riley), page 4

Spring 2004 Articles:
Welcome to Metamorphosis (Dr. Patrick Riley), page 1 The FYE Seminar: A Course Influential to Student Success (Cathie Hatch), page 2 The Honors Program (Professor Ivy Knoshaug), page 3 Teaching Women's Studies at BSU (Dr. Patricia Rosenbrock), page 4 International Studies at BSU (Dr. Robert Ley), page 4 The Humanities Program at BSU (Dr. Rosalie Weaver), page 5 The Evolution of the Indian Studies Program (Leon Cook), page 6 Graduate Studies at BSU (Selected Authors), page 6 A Teaching Technique for Sports (Dr. Muriel Gilman), page 6 A Teaching Technique for Biology (Dr. Debbie Guelda), page 7 Teaching Strategies for Online Graduate Students (Dr. Patricia Rogers), page 7 Questions and Answers from the Promotion and Tenure Workshop, page 7

Spring 2003 Articles:
Administrative Support for Faculty Development (Dr. Russell Lee), page 1 From the Office of Student and Academic Affairs (VP Joann Fredrickson), page 2 Meeting the Challenge (Mr. Bob Griggs), page 3 What is Faculty Development? (Dr. Patrick Riley), page 5

Spring 2002 Articles:
This One's For Mom (Louise Mengelkoch), page 1 Using Technology in the Classroom (Laurie Desiderato), page 4 Instruction for Technology-Enhanced Learning (Patricia Rogers), page 5 Featured Artist (Jenea Rewertz), page 6

Fall 2001 Articles:
Talking Tech: Four Faculty Points of View (Mark Lawrence), page 1 "E-Learning at BSU: Quality Through Collaboration" (Robert Griggs), page 4 Ideas on Teaching Technology: An Interview with Rod Witt, page 6 Featured Artist (Natalia Himirska), page 7 "When Teaching Technology Fails...Then What?" (Dann Siems), page 8

Spring 2001 Articles:
"Other Professionals, Professional Other" (Dr. Carol Richards), page 1 "Learning in All Directions" (Elaine Hoffman), page 4 "Reflections on Adjunct Status" (Tracy Sadek), page 5 Featured Artist (Phil Wyken), page 5