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BSU Continuing Accreditation Proposed Timeline

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Spring 08


  • March 17 - Steering Committee meeting
  • Create budget
  • Identify resources
  • Establish summer schedule for Steering and Criterion Committees

Create faculty and staff awareness

  • Organize publicity campaign
  • March 27 - All-Campus kickoff meeting

Initial work on report

  • Become familiar with HLC Handbook
  • Review examples from other campuses and our last self-study
  • Establish work flow

April 11-15 - Attend HLC Conference in Chicago

  • Debrief HLC Conference

Summer 08

Summer meetings

Data collection and organization

  • Steering Committee meetings
    • Content Management training
    • Planning for fall events and meetings
  • Criterion Committee schedules
  • Training on data collection and organization
  • Establish data team
  • Establish protocols for obtaining and reporting data
  • Identify topics and sources and format for submitted evidence

Have web site available

Establish e-work spaces for the Criterion Committees

Planning for fall publicity and events

Fall 08

Data collection for report under way

October 3 - visit from HLC (John Taylor)

Reach out to students - keep them informed and involved

Educate regarding mission and vision of university

Spring 09

Early drafting of chapters

  • Criterion Committees continue collecting data
  • Drafting of evidentiary statements
  • All materials due to writer by end of semester

Identify list of other appropriate reviewers

February 16 - All-Campus meeting

Attend HLC Conference April 18-21

Debrief HLC and spring work

Establish summer workload and schedule

Summer 09

Writer begins drafting chapters

Make draft available to Writing Team

Final organization of evidence

Initial preparation for site visit

Fall 09

Prepare for campus visit

  • Establish and charge the Hospitality Team
  • Establish and charge the Logistics Team
  • Arrangement of resource room

Finish chapter drafts for Criterion Committee Review by September 15

Draft sidebars and feature stories

Post draft for campus review on our HLC website

Finish executive summary

Finalize self-study by December 15

Spring 10

Final organization of evidence

Copies and supporting materials due to HLC

Draft executive summary

Mock Site Visit on February 8

Finish executive summary

March 22-24 HLC site visit

Assessment and Debriefing

Thank you event for Criterion Committees