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Cellular Services

Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College participate in the Verizon GSA Contract for cellular services.  All communications with Verizon are conducted through Information Technology Services. Please do not contact or go to a Verizon outlet for anything related to your cellular service or equipment.  

If you or your employee wish to obtain a business use cell phone, smartphone, or wireless communication device and service, please review FAQs-A Guide to Approving, Ordering & Using Cellular Services   Preapproval is required using the Initial Authorization-Annual Review Form.  Complete the form, obtain all signatures, and return it to Marie Bock #10.  She will contact the employee and place the order after the form is received.  

BSU/NTC issued cell phones, smartphones, other devices, and service plans are for business use only. Personal use is prohibited. If you have a college or university electronic device, you are responsible to be in compliance with MnSCU Procedure 5.22.2 at

Each month, a copy of the invoice will be sent to the employee.  The employee must review the invoice for any personal use.  Personal use must be identified and reimbursed at a rate of 40 cents per minute.  Please send your check with a copy of your invoice to Marie Bock #10.  After the employee reviews the invoice each month, it should be signed and forwarded on to the supervisor for review.

Each year, MnSCU requires the review and documentation of the continued business need for each employee's cell phone.  The cell phone coordinator will send out a review letter along with the Initial Authorization-Annual Review Form to the supervisor.  If the form is not completed and returned, service will be discontinued.

For information on cell phones, smartphones or data plans, please email