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Seize the discount.

College is more than just essays and exams.

It is a time to expand your horizons. To grow into something even greater.

Mac gets it. That is why every Mac is loaded with tools to help you express yourself--both in and out of the classroom. From building stunning presentations to creating podcasts to video chatting and more, a Mac enriches your college experience in ways no other computer can.

And your Apple education discount is where

it all begins. So find your dream Mac. It is time to tap your unlimited potential.

Apple MacBook Pro - get Apple education pricing

The BSU Computer Store is a student service that offers
education discounts

Apple & Dell Computers


Accessories including

  • Flash Drives and External Hard Drives

  • Network cables

  • Keyboards and Mice

  • Laptop cases

  • Backpacks

  • Earbuds

  • and more!

Bemidji State University
Deputy Hall 151
Open M-F 8am -4pm
218 755-2905